Welcome to The Lin Group at National Cheng Kung University. We dedicate to research on analytical and numerical approaches in the area of applied mechanics. Development of computational approaches for analysis of composites and their engineering structures. The current research interests of Dr. Lin and his group deal with constitutive modeling of advanced engineering materials, micromechanics of multifunctional composites, nonlinear and time dependent constitutive modeling, and multiscale & multiphysics modeling of heterogeneous materials.


February 2020: We are happy to have Sarath join our team.

August 2019: We are delighted to have Fang-yu, Ying-zhao, and An-po to join us.

February 2019: We welcome Obul to our lab.

July 2018: We welcome Guo-rong to the lab of The Lin Group.

July 2017: The Lin Group @ National Cheng Kung University was founded in 2017.


since September 2017

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